Evolution of Indian Handicrafts

Handicrafts, the handmade creative crafts have evolved a long time back in India. The Evolution of Indian Handicrafts has a bright history in the past which has different stories to justify the inner talent in the human beings from the middle ages or from our past predecessors. handicraftsIn the world of innovation and technology, there stands a very relaxing and eye-pleasing corner of art and culture; embedded with serenity and simplicity in India, every state has its own marked traditional crafts which are found deeply rooted in the lap of our Indian History.

These art forms began as an inner creativity but in the later stages of generation, this evolved as a full vocation. The art and crafts are now used for different purposes like trade and commerce, royalty and for the consumption of common people.
Indian handicrafts have made a distinct place in the world today, with its rich diversity infused with art and craft by hands-on different materials ,say it a metal, textile, clay, etc, Indian handicrafts stand out of the line from any other form of art it has a different position in the mind of the people .

Every state and every village in India has its own distinct art which differs from one another which makes it saleable and creates interest in the minds of people to know more about a particular state art or collecting every handicraft sample from different states either to present it into a gallery or

decorating there house or themselves.
Colors and creativity have always been a very integral part of Indian culture. India has given world-class painters and creators of art like Rabindra Nath Tagore, Jamini Roy, Raja Ravi Verma, Nandlal Bose, Amrita Shergill, M.F.Hussain. These artists have come a long way to make their names in the field of art and culture.


Indian handicrafts come in the form of clothing, home décor, footwear, etc in which people majorly go or choose to purchase handcrafted apparels or home décor materials as these two fields have so many categories and specific elements to work on. The tradition in India tends to produce stimulating visuals.
Indian handicrafts have come with a blend with modern art which makes is more trending and hassle-free presentation.
With the growing trend, the handicrafts market has grown to an upper limit with some renowned artist from different institutes, they present their expertise and artwork inside the Indian market as well as outside national boundaries.
But still, some art form are untouched and pure in the form which comes from different villages of every state in India, coming from North i.e, Kashmir to south Kanyakumari, from the west, Rajasthan to east Guwahati.
The art forms and work of people coming from small villages also need to be showcased and presented so that they also gain a financial as well as the market focus which can become their sole means of living.
Indian Handicrafts have come to a long way today from the past and have a good future in every generation as it helps us relate to our history and past culture, it gives us information how we have built our cultural diversity through the different art forms.


We would be focusing on every state in particular in the coming articles.

Till then keep reading!


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