Indian Arts and Craftivism

Arts and craftivism in India have different wings/stems serving or giving information about a particular matter. With the focus on creativity and Indian artisans, the Purpose of craftivism has a vast illustration, our predecessors were the first artist who used Arts as an information, they use to paint on walls about all their activities of which the remains have been preserved by our archaeological bodies.


 The craftivism forms were the simple illustration with clear line diagrams and not advanced and specified sketching; this was the form of visual arts.
The form which was majorly used by them was the form of visual arts and object art.


The object Arts included the handmade craftivism which was used by the people for their needs and use, several experiments were done on one particular object with different stages of time to make it beautiful, this is how slowly and steadily people learned on the beautification of Indian handicrafts.
The decorative art and craftivism was also a form in which people use to create materials used in the form of decor at their home which was also used for their self-purpose like tables and chairs, cupboards for keeping their clothes. Textiles designing and making also evolved during the same time, which has now become the most earning business line via different channels.


Craftivism was created and enjoyed by many people for many reasons, one of the things which art does is extend and expand our shared common visual language, artist show us a new way to see familiar things with their incomprehensible art, they teach us how to interpret new situations and events through various kinds of visual shorthand.
The purpose of creation of Arts may be artists’ intention, or it may be side effects for other purposes. As we are the land of rituals and traditions “sanskaras” one of the oldest purposes of art is serving as a vehicle for religious ritual, starting from the cave prehistoric painting even today in traditional societies the primary purpose of art is religious or ceremonial. Craftivism and art may also serve as a commemoration of an important event that may be of historical importance Bothlike Indian Republic day.

Arts has also served as propaganda or social commentary to persuade us towards public or private institutions such as political parties or religious groups.
Art is basically the way of recording visual data i.e., telling the truth about what we see or feel or experience, it is a way of storytelling which was a common device in the middle ages to portray religious arts.
The primary function of art is to interpret the subject matter at hand, as subject matter does not change all that much over time, although new subject matters have evolved with modification in the existing one or on the past one, but have not been able to remove completely the matter which was described in the past by visual forms.


The formation of art in the handicrafts has also changed with time-based on the human condition, nature, and events which still continue to capture the attention of artists. The subject matter on the Both Indian craftivism & handicrafts has been modernized, or we can say updated or modifies but still the origin work continues to rule the market, the taste of Indian handicrafts has been changed with the different generation. Like the coming generation now is focusing mostly on the handcrafted artwork on the materials and textile designing. This generation is keen on knowing and exploring the rich culture and craftivism steps and the process of our country and feels proud in exhibiting it and showcasing it in the international market.

And with the blend of modern and traditional art is liked by everyone not only in Indian market but also outside boundaries.

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